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Phase II Stormwater Program

New York State Law requires that the Village of Russell Gardens participate in a five year program to upgrade and safeguard its storm water system. Storm water is from rain or melted snow that flows over sidewalks, lawns and streets and runs through our system of storm drains and pipes to reduce flooding. Storm water washes pollutants off these surfaces and carries them to the nearest body of water: our streams, ponds and our north shore bays and ocean beaches. Unlike water that goes into our sanitary sewers - from our showers and toilets, for example - storm water, and all that it is carrying, never undergoes treatment before discharging to our surrounding water bodies. Over the years we have learned that storm water run-off is a major contributor to pollution. The Village of Russell Gardens has implemented procedures for site inspections, enforcement of control measures and sanctions to ensure compliance at construction sites as it pertains to storm water runoff control. Public education is ongoing, public involvement and participation is encouraged. 


Residents can do their part to help keep our waterways clean:

  1. Don't use storm drains as waste receptacles. Never pour pesticides, oil or lawn care products in the street or in the storm drains. 

  2. Do not blow leaves or other yard waste in to the street. 

  3. Remember to recycle. 

  4. The Town of North Hempstead has a S.T.O.P. Program (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) 516-767-4600 

2023 Storm Water Management Program Annual Report 

The Draft of the Village's 2023 Storm Water Management Program Annual Report (SWMPAR) is now available for public review on the Village's website and at Village Hall. The Draft SWMPAR can be accessed at the link below. Comments and questions on the Village Stormwater Management Program can be submitted to Village Staff at (516) 482-8246. The Village’s Storm Water Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at Village Hall.                                           
View the 2023 Draft SWMPAR

View the 2022 Draft SWMPAR

View the 2021 Draft SWMPAR

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